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Help & Info about Hamachi for windows

  • What is Hamachi?

    The software has been created by LogMeIn and is a type of virtual private network application that that can be used to establish direct links between various different computers. That means that the PC of the user can be accessed be accessed directly without the need for WAN relays.
  • What are the Key Features of Hamachi?

    The software is packed with features and one of the most popular is cloud-based virtual networking that delivers virtual networking over the internet without the need to invest in costly hardware. Other useful features include gateway virtual networking, hub-and-spoke virtual networking and centralised software deployment.
  • Is Hamachi Free?

    A free version of the software has been created that allows a limited number of users to access the features that it provides. Companies that wish to use the software professionally without limitations can also choose a standard, premium or multi-network subscription depending on their specific needs.
  • How Many People Can Subscribe to a Hamachi Network?

    The number of people who can subscribe at the same time depends on the type of package that is being used. Free subscription makes it possible for five people to use the same network, while up to 32 people can be on the same network with standard subscription and this is increased to 256 members with premium subscription and multi-network subscription.
  • What systems is Hamachi Compatible With?

    People who are running Windows XP or a later version will find that the software runs smoothly and quickly. A version has also been created for Intel-based Macs that are running Mac OS X 10.6 or later, while there is also a beta version available for Linux users.
  • Is There a Mobile Version of Hamachi?

    Special mobile versions of the software have been created for mobile users and both iOS and Android platforms are supported. This allows users to connect their devices and enjoy support and protection even when they are away from the office such as when they are travelling to meetings or working remotely.
  • Is Hamachi Suitable for Remote Workers?

    The software is a real boon for people who work from home and other types of personal offices as it provides secure access to a whole host of shared IT resources. This helps to dramatically boost productivity and home workers can take advantage of a secure tunnel that leads directly into their company's network.
  • Is Hamachi Safe?

    Like all of LogMeIn’s communications, the software is encrypted and authenticated with special industry-standard algorithms and protocols. This means that third parties are unable to gain access to the data that is transmitted between peers and smooth transferral of data is safer and easier than ever before.
  • What Languages is Hamachi Available in?

    Support is provided in a large number of different languages so that the software can be used by companies and individuals around the world. In addition to English, a large number of European languages are supported such as French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch, while support in Chinese is also available.
  • Is Hamachi Easy to Use?

    The software makes it very easy for users to create, manage and maintain their virtual private networks from practically anywhere on the planet. The software also provides secure LAN-like network connectivity for mobile users as well as distributed teams over the web.


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